What Should Be The Qualification And Requirement For Psychiatrist Training

Becoming a psychiatrist requires a long pathway to go. It is certainly not an easy task to become a psychiatrist. You cannot become a psychiatrist by studying few years only. It will require you 12 years of education to become a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists study the same amount of education as medical doctors do. Psychiatrists are also allowed to prescribe medications to their patients just like normal medical doctors.  However, psychiatrists do not cure general health diseases like the medical doctors do, they cure mental health issues like depression, anxiety, ADHD and many more.

Training and education

Training and education

The journey to become a psychiatrist begins with getting a bachelors degree in the majors of medical field.  It will take 4 years for a bachelors degree to complete and during these 4 years, students take courses like biology, chemistry, genetics and physics etc.  These medical courses are necessary for a student to do during the undergraduate program as this sets a foundation to get into a medical school.

Then the next thing to do is to appear in the MCAT.  The admission in a medical college depends on how well the score a student has got in MCAT. A decent score in MCAT, increases the chances of getting into a medical college. Students can simply prepare for their MCAT by taking help of the preparation materials available online or in schools.

The journey then moves forwards and the student gets admission in a medical college. The medical college also requires 4 years of education. These 4 years train the students in several areas of medicine and give them basic education of a medical doctor. The initial 2 years require the students to sit in the classroom and learn courses like psychology, immunology, histology and biochemistry.

The last step to become a psychiatrist is to do residency program that is of 4 years.  These 4 years will include the students to get the supervised training in psychiatry.  This way they will be able to get experience by working with the patients and understanding their disorders. They will get the desired skills they need to become a certified terrorist.  In each year of residency, students get rotated in distinct medical settings to get learning in all sorts of atmosphere.  During the residency program, students learn to cure all types of disorders people have. For example, they are asked to work in clinics, health centers and hospitals.  Once a student is done with the residency program, the psychiatrist gives the state exam to become a licensed psychiatrist.

Students can take optional fellowship training after they have done with the residency program. The program is optional, but very helpful for the psychiatrists to specialize in the subspecialties like child psychiatry or addiction.  This training guides the issues in subspecialties and makes them understand the disorders perfectly.

A psychiatrist requires this much of education and psychiatrist training to become a certified and practicing psychiatrist.  Once you start working as a psychiatrist, then the amount of dedication you put in is extreme. There is no way you can take this profession lightly as you have to serve people to the best you can.  You will have to be punctual and professional to be a successful psychiatrist.  This punctuality and professionalism will take you high in this field.

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