What is the difference between psychiatrist and psychologist salary

Many people are not even aware of the differences between a psychologist and a psychiatrist. People will also be unaware of the salary differences between the two professions.  Getting to know the difference in the psychiatrist v/s psychologist salary is determined on what these two people actually do. These fields are two diverse fields and the education and the training required to become a psychiatric and a psychologist.

A psychology field is a field of science that analyzes the behavior of people. A psychologist looks at the different functions of a human brain that causes certain behaviors in the person. A psychologist understands the psyche of the patients in the best way he can. Salary of a psychologist compared to the salary of psychiatrist based on these factors.  Psychologists possess all the qualifications required to assess the mental condition and they are allowed to determine that whether a person is mentally fit or not. They can only offer psychotherapy in the form of treatment and are not allowed to prescribe medicines.

A psychiatrist on the other hand focuses on the medical condition of the patient. He is more like a general doctor and cures all sorts of mental disorders by prescribing treatments and medicines. A psychiatrist studies the same amount of courses a medical doctor does and takes additional 4 years of residency program in order to specialize as a psychiatrist.  The difference in the salaries of psychiatrists and psychologists is highly dependent on the health organizations they are working and the amount of time they are putting in the job. These factors determine the salary for both of these professions.

In the field of psychology, people with specialized training tend to earn more than the ones who do not have specialized training. The psychologists with specialized training of behaviors will certainly earn more than the ones who have not taken any additional training. However, depending on the specialization of psychologists, they can earn on average at least $60,000 per year to a maximum of $150,000. A psychiatrist earns more than a psychologist as he spends more time in education and training and behaves like a normal doctor as well. People with mental health issues tend to opt for psychiatrists only and with that psychiatrists earn more. On average, a psychiatrist earns around $70,000 to $170,000 per year. Specializations also matter in the case of psychiatrists. A specialized psychiatrist tends to earn more than a general psychiatrist. The salary of a psychiatrist also depends on the amount of experience he has gained. As you get more experience, you earn more. Initially, the salary is low, but increases with the time as you get more and more experience. If you open your own clinic, you will be earning more than the mentioned amount.

Both the professions require dedication and motivation throughout the life and require you to sacrifice a lot of your leisure activities. It also requires you to be punctual and strictly professional.

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