What Is Forensic Psychiatrist? How Much A Forensic Psychiatrist Make

A forensic psychiatry is a subspecialty of psychiatry that includes psychiatry and the law. Forensic psychiatrist deals with the criminals and the ones who have done some sort of crime.  Forensic psychiatrists deal with criminals or suspects who are accused of doing some criminal activity.  They make use of various tools to gather the information they require.  Suspects usually lie, but the forensic psychiatrist tackles it easily.

Forensic psychiatrist makes use of several techniques to check that whether the criminal is lying or not. The first way they figure out that the suspect is lying or not is to look for the nervousness. If the suspect shows any sign of nervousness, then they try to figure out the reason behind the nervousness.  They figure out that the suspect is actually lying because of guilt or because he is just nervous by the questions.  The signs of nervousness can be sweating, dilation, tremors of lips and hands, no eye contact and hesitation while talking.

The second way to figure about the suspect lying is to read the body language of the suspect. They note how the subject is moving or sitting on the chair indicates the deception. Signs can be twisting the hands, tapping fingers slouching and many more.

The third way they determine that whether the person is lying or not is by using the NLP method. In this method, they analyze the eye movement of the suspect. This way they get to ascertain the mental state of the suspect and see the result. If the suspect is looking up and to the left then he might be remembering something he has witnessed or seen.  This method is very controversial and has got scientific basis.

The job of a forensic psychiatrist is very dangerous as you get to deal with criminals.  They deal with criminals, psychos and many dangerous people. They do not know that the criminal is a rapist, murderer or what. It gets tough for a forensic psychiatrist to deal with such people, as they are the most difficult people to understand. You do not know what is going in their mind. It gets hard for the psychiatrists to determine that whether the suspect is actually guilty or not. Suspects usually take forensic psychiatrists as their enemies and that is why they do not talk to them much. It gets hard for the psychiatrist to convince the suspect that he is not his enemy and that he is there to help him.

A forensic psychiatrist earns definitely more than any other psychiatrist because he deals with criminals who are definitely not normal people. He deals with them in the best way he can and gets paid up to $180,000 yearly. The forensic psychiatrists are called as soon as the trial starts, so this means that they do not have any fixed timing of job and they can be called anytime and at any day.  They have to work on holidays even if it is required.

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