What Are The General Types Of Psychiatrists. How Much They Earn?

Psychiatrists, a term you must have heard a lot of times but pay be never visited. One of the greatest misconceptions that prevail amongst the masses is that psychiatrists deal with those who are not mentally stable. Well, that’s not the entire story but part of the picture. They are complete medical doctors; you can even say general physicians who have selected their majors in this field.

The field of psychology that leads one to be known as a Psychiatrist is very interesting. They are highly qualified people because they do more than the general physicians do – they complete 4 years extra studies and undergo various trainings in the area of expertise. Interestingly, many psychiatrists even carry on to further studies and tend to get sub specialists.

Job Description of a Psychiatrist:

There would be many things that pop-up in mind when you are asked about the job of psychiatrists – they do not only play a role in caring for the mental health but also helps in establishing it. Their way of treatment is a full product of;

  • Medication – it involves medicine sessions that help improving the patient’s mental health.
  • Psychoanalysis – these are prolonged counseling sessions.
  • Psychotherapy – this act involves time-to-time chit chat sessions between the doctor and the patient. This is how a psychiatrist learns what’s going bad with the individual and brings out the best solution. Similarly, the change in the behavior, learning about the experiences and therapy sessions is all under this treatment.
  • Hospitalization

Different types of psychiatrists:

If you talk about particular specialized types of psychiatrists, the options would amaze you. There are many types of psychiatrists including;

  • Addiction psychiatrists,
  • Disaster psychiatrists
  • Child/adolescent psychiatrists
  • Sports psychiatrists
  • Geriatric psychiatrists
  • Gay/lesbian psychiatrists
  • Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) psychiatrists

General Adult Psychiatrists:

These types of psychiatrists have hands of entire psychiatric problems; this means you can concern them for even the biggest stress you are going through, or even a mild problem which is causing distress in life.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists:

Such a psychiatrist does a prolonged study in observing the mindset of both child and adolescent – people of all age group can consider them and share their problems.

Addiction Psychiatrists:

As the name refers, these psychiatrists only look after the individuals who are drug abused.

Forensic Psychiatrists:

You must have seen in movies and crime shows, there are psychiatrists who deal with criminals – they work in forensic state hospitals and prisons. They also make notes based on the crime that how stable the criminal was, and to what extent he can do if he is mentally sick.

Consult Liaison Psychiatrists:

They are the right hand of the general physicians who are dealing with people who don’t have a stable mental health. For example, those who have tried to commit suicide, what do you think about those patients? They need such a help because something is really bothering them and they need to get out of it.

Geriatric Psychiatrists:

Geriatric psychiatrists only provide treatment regarding the geriatric population. They not only provide assistance to those who are in aged, but also those who are suffering from dementia.

Does a Psychiatrist Earn good

You must be thinking not everyone goes to a psychiatrist so how much he makes in a year? Well, it is indeed beyond your thought, they earn amazingly well. One of the research showed that good psychiatrists earn around $163,660 yearly.