Psychiatrist Salary information

A psychiatrist and a psychologist are two different people with different professions.  People usually confuse psychiatry with psychology.  A psychologist is more like a medical doctor who cures mental illness and prescribes medicines, whereas a psychologists treat conditions via therapies like individual therapies,  family therapies etc. Many people are not aware that the salary of psychiatrists and psychologists differ a lot.  A psychiatrist salary is different from a psychologist salary. Both the fields are different and have different education and training requirements.

Salary of Psychiatrist

Salary of Psychiatrist

Let us first see what a psychologist does. Psychology refers to a science that analyzes and studies the behavior of humans. The psychology field also peeps in to functions of the brain that forces a person to behave in a certain way. The main aim of psychology is to know the science behind the psyche of humans. A psychiatrist’s salary compared to a psychologist’s salary will consider these factors for sure. Psychologists are also qualified enough to test the mental conditions of a person and to determine that whether they are insane or not. They provide treatment via psychotherapy only and help the person mental issues assessment procedures.

All of these factors have been taken into account when comparing the salary of psychiatrists and psychologists. A psychiatrist analyzes the medical condition of a patient. To become a psychiatrist, a student goes to a medical school and gets a medical degree. The difference in salary when making a comparison between a psychologist and a psychiatrist is determined a lot on the health center or authority you are working in.

In the field of psychology, people might have specialized training and that makes them earn more than the ones without training.  A psychologist can earn from $55000 to $100,000 yearly depending on the specialization he has done. Salary of a psychiatrist will be more than the salary of a psychologist.  A typical salary range of a psychiatrist is from $60,000 to $105,000 annually.

A psychiatrist earns good salary without any doubt, but to earn this salary, he or she has to work really hard. It takes a lot of dedication to become a psychiatrist and to practice as a psychiatrist. The hard work gets double when you become a psychiatrist as now you have a responsibility on your shoulder that you have to take care of.

If you are being paid this much, then you will have to give full time services to this profession and to your patients.  Professionalism is the key factor that is needed the most in order to practice as a psychiatrist. It is not about your reputation only, but the reputation of the medical authority or center that has hired you.

Being dedicated to your profession will let you gain a lot of respect in your clients and as soon as you become reputed, you will be able to open your own clinic within a very short time. Get the best of the best residency training in the psychiatry field, become the best psychiatrist so that you earn more and more every year, and live a better life. There is a demand for psychiatrists in the US, so you need not to worry about the scope of psychiatry in US. As existing psychiatrists are about to reach their retirement, the demand for new psychiatrist is high.