Job Description Of Clinical Psychiatrist With Information Of Salary

Clinical psychiatrist are also physicians that specialize in utilizing all the clinical practices in treating mental disorders and illnesses that also includes disorders like bipolar disorder, anxiety, addictions and schizophrenia.  The way to become a psychiatrist takes many years of schooling with a residency program of 4 years.

The job description of a clinical psychiatrist includes diagnosing, evaluating and treating the patients who have mental disorders.  The psychiatrists might do their practice in hospitals, clinics and offices. Clinical psychiatrists might prescribe medicine or do therapy according to the needs of the patient.

The job duties of a clinical psychiatrist include analyzing mental health of a patient and giving him the appropriate treatment so that his illness is cured as soon as possible. Clinical psychiatrists might admit the patients in to the hospitals so that they can do tests on them and then prescribe medicines or suggest a therapy.  Moreover, they can even carry out discussion sessions with the patients so that they are able to diagnose the mental state in a better way.  Many clinical psychiatrists can carry their own practice and many take help of the supervisors in the hospitals.

The clinical psychiatrists become psychiatrists after spending a lot of time in education and training. They first complete a bachelor’s degree of 4 years.  A pre-medical degree includes the clearance in the courses like biology, anatomy, physics, social sciences and chemistry. According to the US labor bureau, it is not necessary for the students to do their majors in the pre-medicine degree. However, it is recommended to the students to do the majors so that it increases their chances of getting into a medical school.

It usually takes 4 years for the medical school to complete. The first 2 years require devotion in the classroom while the next 2 years require devotion in the medical practice.  During the last 2 years, students go through all the spheres of medicine like surgery, pediatrics, internal medicine etc.

When students are in the last year, they get to choose their specialty.  Students then opt for a residency program  of 4 years and specialize in a certain part of their choice like child psychiatry and many more. In the residency training, they work under a licensed doctor and get training from him.

After the residency program is completed, the graduates are asked to take the USMLE exam that covers things like human science, skills, clinical knowledge and other things.  After the exam is cleared by the graduates, they get the license to practice as a clinical psychiatrist.

The salary of a clinical psychiatrist ranges from $60,000 to $175,000 per year on average basis. The salary can increase depending on the specialization the psychiatrist has done. Moreover, the job requires a lot of effort and time as a psychiatrist is asked to work more than he can and also is called on weekends. You do not know when you can be called and at what time to serve your clients.

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