How To Get Medical License In United States

There are certain professions that are under regulation by the state and those professions are lawyers and physicians. The medical field is a field that asks for ample amount of skills, education and experience.  To be able to successfully treat patients, a doctor has to be very well informed. He must be aware of all the things like bodily issues, functions, chemical reactions and other diseases.

A medical field consists of different specialties and each specialty has different requirements to be completed. In order to practice as a doctor, you need to get a medical license in United States and there are certain steps you need to follow to get the license.

Graduation From A Medical School

The first step to get a medical license in United States is to get a medical license. The medical school shall be approved by the LCME and AAMC. Around 17 members in the LCME determine the accreditation of the medical school.  The education board of the United States considers LCME as the official and authentic accrediting board.  Students who graduate from a medical school accredited by LCME can get a medical license in the United States.

Pass the Exam

The next step to get the medical license in the United States is to clear the medical exam which is named as USMLE.  This exam is endorsed by the federal state of medical boards in the United States and also the national board.  The exam is a three step exam that analyzes the competency of the student and the ability to clear the exam.  The first step analyzes the ability of the students about the basic concepts he has towards medicine. In this section, the student gets the chance to show his knowledge of the treatments and diseases.  This section is important to make sure that the student has the basic knowledge. The second step of the test is the application of the basics learnt. In this section the student is tested on how he applies all the principles on the patients.  The last step of the exam analyzes the ability of the student to take decisions regarding the patients without consulting any senior doctor.

Residency Program Requirements

After the completion of medical school, the students are required to do residency training.  The residency program requires the students to work under the supervision of the senior doctors, cure patients, and get a practical experience. Many states require a minimum of 1 year of residency program in the general medicine and a minimum of 1 year of residency in a particular field.  Students must get into residency program on the basis of their medical performance. After completing the residency program, the students get a letter of recommendation from a senior doctor. Many state boards require such letter for the license.  Particular requirements vary from states to states.

This is how you get a medical license in the United States by following all of the above-mentioned things. Everything is interconnected, so a lack of effort in any can cause trouble for you.