How to Become a Psychiatrist in Wisconsin

If you are in Wisconsin and want to be a psychiatrist in this state then you will have to complete certain requirements. A psychiatrist in Wisconsin certainly earns great amount of money but to earn that  he spends 12 years of studying. Becoming a psychiatrist in Wisconsin is a tough task and requires a lot of hard work.

The first thing is to get a undergraduate degree keeping in mind the pre-med school preparation. It is not necessary to do your bachelors in psychology; you can select other science fields as well like health science or sociology. The other courses you can select are chemistry, biology, anatomy and zoology. During these years, you will have to pass courses that will make you prepared for medical courses. Those courses include biology, chemistry and physics. You can also discuss with academic counselor about the pre-med requirements.

You might also be required to do MCAT as it is a requirement by some medical schools. Doing MCAT gives you an added advantage to get into a medical school. Your grades in the school will also matter while getting admission in the medical school.

The second thing is to get in a medical school. One thing that you should not forget is that a psychiatrist is more like a medical doctor who has got advanced training in the field of psychiatry. The medical school will take 4 years to finish. The starting two years will be concentrating more on the basic science courses like anatomy, biology, pathology and other related courses.

Another 2 years that are supposed to be the final years will be the years in which you will be working with doctors directly. When you are in the last year, you shall apply for the residency program. The residency program is a training the area of specialty you have chosen.

The third thing to do is to be done with your residency-training program. The residency training will take 4 years to complete and during this time, you will be working on your specialty area.  You will be working on neurology as well before you move on and spend the remaining time of your residency program in psychiatry and the selected electives.

The fourth thing to do is to be licensed to practice psychiatry. By giving the license exam of Wisconsin, you will get the license to practice in clinics and hospitals. You will also need to get registered with the narcotics administration so that you are allowed to prescribe medicines.

Becoming a psychiatrist in Wisconsin will require you to do the above things. There are certain tips for you to follow and those are to maintain better grades in college as getting admission in medical school is a tough task. Secondly, be ready to face challenges in the medical school. Your residency program will also be very demanding in terms of determination and concentration. So follow these tips and the steps above and you will be a psychiatrist for sure.

Following are the Universities and colleges offering psychiatry,psychology education and residency programs in Wisconsin.

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