How To Become A Psychiatrist In Texas

A psychiatrist is a person who cures mental health issues of a person. Being psychiatrist certainly makes you earn a lot of money, but becoming a psychiatrist is not as easy as one seems it is. Psychiatrists spend a lot of time in studying to become a certified psychiatrist. Psychiatry and psychology are two different persons and confusing these two professions is what people do the most. Psychiatry is a different and psychology is a different field. A psychologist holds therapy sessions to solve problems like teen problems, problems in couples and many more, whereas a psychiatrist cures mental illness and prescribes medicines for the problem. Becoming a psychiatrist in Texas requires the following things.

Getting A Bachelor’s Degree

The first step to become a psychiatrist in Texas is to get a bachelor’s degree in a college in Texas. The courses you will require to get a bachelor’s degree include biology, Mathematics, chemistry, and physics. These courses complete the requirements to get an admission in a medical school. Although, any bachelor’s degree is appropriate to get admission in a medical school but doing majors in any science subject is considered as best. It has also been suggested that you do some voluntary training in any hospital or some clinic so that you get some experience. This increases your chance to get into a medical school.

Get A Medical Degree

Once you get admission in a medical school, then you will have to spend 4 years there to get a medical degree. You can either take M.D degree or D.O degree. You will be a medical student and so you will be required to study courses like anatomy, pathology and physiology. The classes will also include courses like psychology, medical laws, pharmacology and ethics.  The first 2 years will require learning lectures in the class and the next 2 years will require you to do clinic practice.

Complete Residency Training

Once you are done with your medical degree, you will be required to do residency training in a hospital or clinic. Usually residency programs take 4 years and include practical application and didactic learning. Your training will cover the areas like neurology, chemical dependency and forensic psychology.   In the final year, you will be required to choose a specific area you would want to specialize.  In the residency program, you might treat certain issues like depression, anxiety, substance abuse and many more.

Get a License

The final step to become a psychiatrist in Texas is to get a license from the state. You will have to get a license from the medical board of Texas in order to start your practice. You will have to clear the license exams and will have to register with the drug enforcement administration in your state to be able to prescribe medicines. Once you are done with this, you will be a psychiatrist in Texas and will be able to practice in any clinic or hospital you feel like.

Following are the Universities and colleges offering psychiatry,psychology education and residency programs in Texas.

Department of Psychiatry – The University of Texas Health Scien

Department of Psychiatry – UT Southwestern Medical School

Department of Psychiatry – Texas Tech University Health Scienc

Psychiatry and Behavioral Science- College of Medicine Taxas 

College of Education- School Psychology.