How to Become a Psychiatrist in North Carolina

Become a psychiatrist in North Carolina is not an easy job after all it involves years of study and practice one after the other. When you have decided to pursue your career in psychiatry, it is common to be confused about where to begin from. However once you are through to the other side, you will realize how truly happy you can feel just by helping patients get rid of their mental condition. If you have got what it takes to be a doctor, follow the step by step guide below and give yourself a proud achievement which you will cherish for life.

Entry Requirements

When pursuing to become a psychiatrist, it is important that you earn the basic degree which will take you forward to become a psychiatrist. Your first step therefore is to earn an undergraduate degree. This phase of study will prepare you for the upcoming years which you will spend at a medical school. In order to gain admission to a med school, your bachelor’s degree should be in the field of science. You can choose to earn this degree in biology, psychiatry, chemistry or psychology. A business degree will not help you in this case for obvious reasons.

Once you have completed your undergraduate studies, you will then need to enroll in a med school. Here you will earn the degree of doctor of medicine also known as the M.D. which will give you wide knowledge about the theoretical and practical applications of becoming a psychiatrist in North Carolina. Just like the undergraduate degree, the M.D will also be completed in 4 years time. Since this will be your final phase of theoretical study, make the most out of it and learn all you can. When earning your M.D, you will study human anatomy, pharmacology and more courses of this sort.

The Credentials

When both your degrees have been earned, you are then ready for a residency. A residency is based on a time period of 5 years and is supposed to be completed at a hospital or clinic as your medical deems it to be appropriate. As per your area of specialization, the medical residency for a psychiatrist will be arranged at a medical center where patients suffering from mental conditions come for treatment. Like the M.D gives you full theoretical knowledge, the residency will enable you to have a hands on experience on dealing with patients. This will be the last phase of requirements before you can finally practice as a psychiatrist.

Once your residency is about to get over, submit your application to the concerned authorities to issue you a license to practice psychiatry. Without this you will not be called a psychiatrist and your career will be meaningless therefore do not miss this step at any cost. Also, check the requirements you will need to comply with to obtain a license for this will vary from state to state. In addition to this, the license will be issued to you after you pass an examination conducted by the respective board.

If you want to further enhance your resume and thereby your employment opportunities, apply for a certification. A certified psychiatrist is what most employers look for. This is not mandatory but will give the employers a good outlook about you.

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