How To Become A Psychiatrist In New Mexico

The art of healing and medicine is a noble job. Those who decide to serve human being for rest of their lives go through long years of study. All the years doctors put into medical study is an assurance that when they heal anyone’s ailment they do it perfectly. One of specialized field for doctors is psychiatry. It is not same as psychology and deals with mental health of any person. With growing problems all over the world the scope of psychiatry has increased immensely. Be a psychiatrist in New Mexico is no different. Following few basic guidelines will inform you well before choosing psychiatry as specialized field.

The First Step

The first step towards any career is to complete your bachelor’s degree. Doing it from one of the best school that are fully capable of producing good future doctors is vital. While you are completing your bachelors, search for possible faculties of your interest to major. May be you will want to become general physician and practice at your own clinic. On other hand you may want to specialize in any field that is unique and practice at hospital. Whatever your choice may be you should take courses according to it in your bachelors.

The Next Step

After finishing your bachelors you have next to choose suitable medical school for further education. Becoming a fine doctor is never easy. It requires lots of study and practice. Medical school will help you understand how any human body works. Subjects that are compulsory for you to study in medical school include pathology, anatomy, biology and chemistry. These all will prepare you for practical house job that is of one year.

Entering Residency

Giving 5 years to medical school prepare you for upcoming residency. Any person who wishes to specialize in certain field has to complete 4 years of residency at any hospital. Psychiatry is a field where more the exposure to patients, more it will be helpful for experience and better judgement. Residency is the time for doctors to do their specialization and excel in it. For becoming a psychiatrist in New Mexico doctors will have to study the field of neurology in particular. They can also choose sub category in their field depending on one’s interest.

License and Certification for Practice

Spending 9 years in medical faculty, dealing with theory and practical every day is a doctor’s life. If you want to properly practice your study as psychiatrist then you very well know that USA needs you have license and certification. Obtaining licence for medical practice in any state of US is through simple procedure. Having 36 months of education in specialized field and an exam will get you your license. Once you are a licensed practitioner there is one step left towards your serving of humanity at your own will. American Psychiatry Association demands to have certification for practice on psychiatry in Mexico. Board of Certification will require your degree of medical school. Doctors will have to pass certification exam in order to get certified.

Getting through all these years and practice to become psychiatrist are worth when you heal the ones in need. Education may be little lengthy for becoming a specialist of psychiatry but your passion to serve the humanity will make each step easy to cross.

Following are the Universities and colleges offering psychiatry,psychology education and residency programs in  New Mexico.

 The University of New Mexico