How to Become a Psychiatrist in Nevada

It is common to be confused with the options and procedures when you are choosing a career path. For those in medicine it turns out to be more difficult since the study period is long and time consuming. If you are pursuing to be a psychiatrist, there are a number of ways you can make your dream come true. However the standard requirements remain the same for regardless of the state you are earning your degree in. Below is a complete guide which includes the step by step procedure on becoming a psychiatrist in Nevada. Let’s begin:

The Academic Years

To begin with, an undergraduate degree in medicine is a must. Most students prefer to obtain a bachelor’s degree in psychiatry but there are other options you can try such as biology, chemistry and psychology. The undergraduate study is based on a time period of 4 years where you will be taught theoretical procedures of the medical world. You must keep in mind that a bachelor’s degree is a preparation for medical school therefore maintaining a good GPA will be required of you. In addition to this, a record of extra-curricular activities will also help in your admission to the medical program of your choice.

Once you have completed the bachelor’s program and possess a good standing, you will need to apply for a program which helps you earn the doctor of medicine degree also known as the M.D. This requirement is not just for psychiatrists but for all students who pursue a career in the medical field. An M.D involves both practical and theoretical learning such in areas such as pathology, pharmacology and human anatomy. This degree takes another four years after which you will be placed into a medical residency in a hospital or clinic.

The Post Academic Requirements

There is a possibility that your medical school will arrange a residency for you. A residency gives you a chance to interact with patients and treat them. This will be your first experience as a medical doctor to meet patients.  A residency is usually arranged at a hospital or clinic depending on your area of interest. When in the last year of medical school, you will need to apply for residency. When becoming a psychiatrist in Nevada, ensure to get the most out of your residency for this experience will guide you on everything related to practicing as a psychiatrist.  A medical residency is completed in a period of 5 years.

Any career in medicine is simply incomplete without a license. Therefore obtaining a license after earning your M.D residency is important. This license gives you the sole authority to practice psychiatry in your desired state. In every state there is an authority responsible for issuing you the license after taking an examination which will test your knowledge about the field. Always check the requirements which your board asks you to comply with in order to issue the license.

For most students, a license is an end to the requirements for becoming a psychiatrist. However it is not so. Although the license gives you permission to practice medicine it does not increase your employment opportunities. If you need to enhance your resume and amaze the employer, having a certification is essential. This will improve your chances of being employed at the hospital or clinic of your choice.

Following are the Universities and colleges offering psychiatry,psychology education and residency programs in Nevada.

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