How to Become a Psychiatrist in Mississippi

You have probably been thinking about it for a while, you have gone through the pros and cons gazillion times and finally made the decision that you want to be a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist is a person who has mastered the art of treating patients suffering from a mental condition. In order to practice psychiatry, a medical degree, a residency and the license to practice are the three essentials which you cannot do without. If you are residing in Mississippi and cannot figure out where to begin, here’s a quick guide on becoming a psychiatrist in Mississippi.

Academic Requirements

Your road to becoming a successful psychiatrist begins with earning a bachelor’s degree. As undergraduate students, most psychiatrists complete the degree in a discipline of medicine such as biology, psychology or psychiatry. The program for an undergraduate degree lasts up to four years and is designed to provide learning on courses like biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and chemistry. When studying in this program, it is important to maintain good grades and a solid GPA which will take you to the medical school without any trouble. In all, an undergraduate degree is chiefly preparation for your admission to a medical school.

Doctor of Medicine (M.D)

Once the four years of undergraduate study are over, the next step is to earn the doctor of medicine degree. Commonly abbreviated as the M.D, this degree is where your actual study to become a psychiatrist begins. Application to a medical school is a difficult task for the requirements posed by the school are wide and need to be complied with. An MCAT test score, recommendation letters and interviews are common elements which you will require when applying to a medical school. Like the bachelor’s degree, this program is also based on a period of four years where you will be required to take classes on human anatomy, histology, pharmacology and immunology.

The program to obtain an M.D will include both theoretical and practical coursework. The last two years of the study will largely involve rotations where you will interact with doctors, patients and several other professionals belonging to the world of health care.

Medical Residency

All physicians, surgeons and doctors regardless of their area of specialization are required to complete a residency after completing their M.D. The medical residency is usually arranged by your medical school at a clinic or hospital as per your area of study. For a psychiatrist, your residency will be arranged at a medical center where mentally ill patients are treated. As a resident, here you will be asked to treat and diagnose patients under the supervision of senior doctors and experts.


No study in medicine is complete without a license. After become a psychiatrist in Mississippi, you will need a license to practice psychiatry. The license will be issued to you once you clear an examination which will test your skills and knowledge about the field. Apply for a license when you are in the last year of your residency. Moreover, your license to practice psychiatry is not issue for lifetime. In other words, it will require periodic renewals.

Get Certified

Most psychiatrists skip this step and consider it unimportant. However you must realize that being certified means increasing your employment opportunities anywhere you go! Although optional, going an extra mile to make your career does not hurt, does it?

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