How to Become a Psychiatrist in Massachusetts

Do you dream of becoming a psychiatrist in Massachusetts? Here is a complete guide on how to pursue a career path in your state. For those who are unaware, a psychiatrist is an individual who practices psychiatry. Psychiatry is a branch of medicine which deals with the problems and conditions of the human mind. If you are interested in this area and wish to be a specialized doctor in this field, below are several steps which will prove to be as stepping stones till you reach your final destination. Let’s begin:

A Bachelor’s Degree

Regardless of the career you choose, basic education is essential for all professions. Similarly in order to build you base as an aspiring psychiatrist, completing the bachelor’s degree is a must. A bachelor’s degree does not provide you hands on training rather just theoretical knowledge about various fields of medicine. Here when you are taught subjects like biology, chemistry, physics, psychiatry and psychology, you will have a better idea about what you interest lies in. This phase will also help you understand the difference between psychiatry and psychology. When in your bachelor’s, maintain a good CGPA and do not forget to participate in extra-curricular activities which will help you build a stronger reputation of yourself as a student. Employers and school administrators both prefer individuals who are all rounders so do not just focus on your academics.

A Doctor of Medicine Degree (M.D.)

All that you learn during your undergraduate study will be helpful when you enter the M.D program. This is an extensive program and will involve in-depth training of all medical disciplines. Here you will mostly gain knowledge about your area of specialization which in this case is psychiatry off course. These four years of study are equally divided into both theoretical and practical coursework. The M.D. will also require a stronger commitment and greater academic focus. This degree is largely same for all those who are pursuing a career in the field of medicine. Doctor, surgeons and other physicians, all are required to complete this degree before they are admitted to a residency. Pharmacology, human anatomy and mental health are some of the areas you will be provided knowledge in. This will be your last step as a student pursuing a career in psychiatry. After earning the M.D. you will need to complete a medical residency which will give you a hands on experience about your field.

The Medical Residency

Now that the academic years are over, you will then be sent to complete a psychiatric residency at a hospital, clinic or a medical center. Here you will treat patients who are mentally ill and suffering from mental conditions such as depression, stress, and more. At this stage you will not be diagnosing and treating patients on your own rather supervisors, attendants and senior doctors will be present around you. A residency is the most exciting part of become a psychiatrist in Massachusetts. It is fun, thrilling and gives you a new experience every day.

Obtain the License to Practice

Any career in medicine is meaningless if you do not have the license to practice. In order to become an active psychiatrist obtaining a license from your respective board is essential. A medical license is not issued for life and will require renewals after timed intervals.  

Following are the Universities and colleges offering psychiatry,psychology education and residency programs in Massachusetts.

Department of psychiatry University of Massachusetts medical center

Boston University Medical Campus 

Tufts University

Department Of Psychiatry – Harvard Medical School – Education