How to Become a Psychiatrist in Indiana

If you are keen to how the psychology and medicine work together, choosing to be a psychiatrist can be the right choice for you.  In order to pursue your career as a psychiatrist, the requirements are standard, however the credentials may slightly vary from state to state. When deciding to practice psychiatry, ensure that you know the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist. There is a thin line that separates the two. A psychiatrist is trained to write prescriptions and treat mentally ill patients, however a psychologist does not do both. Before selecting your area of specialization, you should know which career path you wish to follow.



Following is a brief guideline on what should you do for becoming a psychiatrist in Indiana:

The Academic Requirements

The first step to any career in medicine is to earn an undergraduate degree. This degree helps to prepare your base for your later years, particularly for your admission to a med school. Undergraduate years of study are highly important which is why you should maintain a good standing and make the best of the knowledge you are provided. Since this is the basic step, your studies during this phase will be easier than what is to come next. Biology, physics, chemistry and other subjects of this sort will be a part of your course structure. Do not obtain a bachelor’s degree in business for only a science degree will qualify you for admission to a medical program.

Once your bachelor’s degree is done with, you will then need to earn the doctor of medicine degree (M.D). This degree will further enhance your knowledge about the medical world. As mentioned, on your pathway to a successful psychiatrist this will be the second step and perhaps the most important one. The doctor of medicine degree is mandatory for all those who are pursuing a career in medicine therefore cannot be changed around. The M.D and your bachelor’s degree both will be based on a period of four years. Where your bachelor’s provides you only theoretical coursework, your M.D program will feature both the practical and theoretical aspects of become a psychiatrist in Indiana.

The Requirements to Practice Psychiatry

After completing both your degrees, you will then be sent to complete your residency which is an important step of your career in psychiatry. A residency is based on a period of five years where aspiring psychiatrists will be required to train at a clinic or hospital. It is possible that your residency will be catered to by your med school which will look after the arrangements for your residency. Psychiatric residency is an important milestone when pursuing your career in psychiatry. Residency is one experience you cannot afford to miss therefore grab as much knowledge as you can in these five years. Other residents and senior doctors will also be around who you can consult in case you need help.

The bachelor’s degree, the M.D and the residency are the three main steps which will then lead you to obtaining a license to practice psychiatry. A license is a legal documents which grants permission and allows you to practice as a full-fledged psychiatrist. This will be issued only after you sit for an examination which will test your knowledge about the field. The best time to apply for a license is when you are in the last year of your residency. After completing the education to start your practice medical license is the primary thing you need. Residency programs and training are major contributions to obtain the license. It’s not quite difficult to register as practitioner in Indiana. By following some simple steps and providing some document to the medical board you can get it.

Following are the Universities and colleges offering psychiatry,psychology education and residency programs in Indiana.

Department of psychiatry Indiana University 

School of psychology–Indiana University

Indiana university -Purdue university indianpolis –psychology