How To Become A Psychiatrist In Illinois

Psychiatrists are the ones who cure mental illness in the patients. If you are a victim of depressions, ADHD, anxiety or any such thing, then you will go to a psychiatrist for help and will get the prescribed medicines.  The main aim of the psychiatrist is to cure the mental health issues faced by a person. They are more like medical doctors and can easily prescribe medicines. Many people get confused with psychiatrists and psychologists. Becoming a psychiatrist in Illinois requires you fulfill the education requirements, training requirements and state license requirements.

Salary of Psychiatrist

Salary of Psychiatrist

To become a psychiatrist in Illinois, you will have to fulfill the educational requirements first.  Get a college degree from the college you are enrolled in. it would take you around 4 years to get the college degree. After you are done with the college degree, you will have to take admission in a medical school. Getting admission in a medical school in Illinois is not an easy task to do. You will have to be competitive enough like other top qualified persons in order to get into a top medical school in Illinois.  You will be judged on several things before you are admitted in a medical school. Those things include your mark sheet, your MCAT score, recommendations made by your college professors and your interview. If the selectors find these things up to their mark, then you will be given the admission.

Once you get admitted in a medical college, you will be spending 4 years there studying several medicine courses such as anatomy, psychology, physiology and many more medicine courses. Basically you will have to study all the physician courses.  You will have to select a specialty as well in the medical school. This will enable you to specialize in the area you want. The first 2 years will be in the classroom learning basic things and the next two years will consist of practical learning under the supervised clinical training. In the last two years you will learn more on the practical side.

After you are done with your medical school, you will have to get a medical license in Illinois. The Illinois department of professional regulation will license you. The requirements include a medical degree, postgraduate training and passing of the licensing exams in the Illinois state. You will have to pay a certain license fee to get the license.  There is no limit on how many times you give the exam to get the license.

You will then have to complete a 4 year residency program in psychiatry and complete the psychiatrist training. To be able to prescribe medicine, you shall register yourself with Drug administration and pay a certain fee to get registration number.

This is how you will be become a psychiatrist in Illinois and the toughest part is the education part. Once you are done with the education part, you will be able to do rest of the things. After completing the education to start your practice medical license is the primary thing you need. Residency programs and training are major contributions to obtain the license. It’s not quite difficult to register as practitioner in Illinois. By following some simple steps and providing some document to the medical board you can get it.

Following are the Universities and colleges offering psychiatry,psychology education and residency programs in Illinois.

Chicago school of professional psychology 

Department of psychiatry–SIU school of medicine 

Department of psychiatry – University of Illinois

Department of psychology —northern Illinois university

University of Chicago medicine