How to Become A Psychiatrist in Georgia

If you are interested in becoming a psychiatrist in Georgia, you can ask Georgia Composite Board of Professional Counselors to certify you with a Georgian licensure. The process to become a psychiatrist in Georgia needs university level education, and evidence of a good character.

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) must be at a Masters level (e.g., MA, M.Ed., MS, MDiv) with a minimum of 300 hours of training in an accredited organization recognized by the regional Council of Post secondary Accreditation institution. Also, the applicant must pass a written examination.

The first step is to enroll in the degree program; hold a master’s degree and then obtain a license. The program has to be primarily about counseling. It has to be accreditation agency that is recognized by the Accreditation Board of Higher Education. Your training should also include practical training of at least 300 hours. Then comes the internship; you have to be supervised under the instructor of record. All required courses need not be included in the degree. The Board of Directors will credit you for some graduate coursework before or after your master’s degree.

While working as a licensed associate counselor, you and the employer (known as supervisor), who deals with administrative tasks and makes sure that you are competent at what you do, and the instructor should meet the Standards defined by the Board. In addition to offering advice, the instructor assesses the performance for licensure. You can find a list of certified websites of the Association of Certified Professional Counselors of Georgia supervisors. AMPA is a separate unit Licensing Board, but the organization notes that the Council has encouraged the development of certification – and that supervisors have the credentials exceeding the standards set by the board. We look forward to your supervisor (s) to fill out forms, verification and monitoring of the experience. There is a supplement form, you can use, if the supervisor is dead or if you can not contact them.

You have to pass the National Counselors Examination or the national clinical mental health counseling examination to become licensed in Georgia. Both of these tests are available at the Office of National Board of Certified Counselors. Georgia currently uses the computer-based version, available on sites across the country, and is usually offered in the first two weeks of every month. In Georgia, you can sit for the exam in Decatur, Lilburn, Marietta, Macon, and Savannah. But, you have to get the approval of the Board of Directors first through an application and send along with your registration fee. It expects about four weeks to obtain confirmation from NBCC. When you receive it, you can register with any testing center of your choice.

Before you can become an associate professional counselor, you shall send a request to the Board of Directors and also the transcript of your master’s program, which includes a degree you have earned and the date you have earned. Test scores, references of the two instructors or teachers, verification of the internship, contact affidavit completed by the employer and the person who will supervise you in achieving the hours of practice, and a non-refundable processing fee.

Depending on the circumstances, you may need to provide additional information. If you have already been approved in another state, you have required verification. You can obtain a license through endorsement, if you hold a license from a State that has similar higher requirements. In such case, you will not have to take the exam in Georgia, but you should check that the license is in good standing. You can download the form N from the website and send it to your former State for verification.  After completing the education to start your practice medical license is the primary thing you need. Residency programs and training are major contributions to obtain the license. It’s not quite difficult to register as practitioner in Georgia. By following some simple steps and providing some document to the medical board you can get it.

Following are the Universities and colleges offering psychiatry,psychology education and residency programs in Georgia.

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Psychiatry and health behavior Georgia regents University 

Mercer school of medicine psychiatry

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