How To Become A Psychiatrist In Florida

Becoming a psychiatrist is a tough path to walk on. One has to give a lot to become a psychiatrist. You will have to spend over a decade to become a psychiatrist and this requires full determination and motivation. If you are not determined enough, then psychiatry is not a field for you. Professionalism also another trait needed to become a psychiatrist. If you have all the traits mentioned above, then become a psychiatrist. Becoming a psychiatrist in Florida has certain requirements you need to fulfill.

As mentioned above, commitment and determination is a very first requirement to become a psychiatrist.  You will also need to make sacrifice of your life to be on the path to become a psychiatrist. You will have to cut off from the social life and will have to concentrate on your studies. Poor concentration will result in poor results.

Online Psychiatrist Education

Online Psychiatrist Education

Firstly, you will have to acquire a bachelor’s degree to take a first step to become a psychiatrist. You will have to get a bachelors degree by doing the courses like biology, physics and math.  These courses will increase your chances to get admission in a medical school in Florida. However, other courses will not even affect your admission process in a medical school. If you have high grades, your chances to get in a medical schoolwill certainly increase.

So once you are in a medical school, you will have to get a medical degree that would take 4 years to complete. Getting into a medical school is not a easy thing to do. If you have better grades, better recommendation from the professors and a better interview, then you will get into a medical school. The time you will be spending in a medical school will comprise of 4 years, and in these 4 years, you will learn and practice.  These 4 years will give you a complete training to be a general physician.

When you are done with the medical school, the next step you will take to be a psychiatrist will be to complete a 4-year residency program. This is the program you will get the experience required to be a psychiatrist. You will be conducting important studies and researches to get a proper experience in the field of psychiatry. After you are done with the residency program after 4 years, you will only need a license by your state that will allow you to practice as a psychiatrist.

After giving license exams in Florida, you will get a license that will allow you to practice as a psychiatrist in Florida. After you have acquired the license from the Medical Board of Florida, you will have to register yourself from the Drug enforcement institution so that you can prescribe medicines to the patients.

These are the requirements that are needed to be fulfilled to become a psychiatrist in Florida. Once you are done with all of these, you will be able to practice in clinics or hospitals. After you have got ample amount of experience, you can open your own clinic.

Following are the Universities and colleges offering psychiatry,psychology education and residency programs in Florida.

University of Florida – Department of psychiatry

Stetson university