How To Become A Psychiatrist In California?

California is a state where the demand for psychiatrists is high as in America, majority of the existing psychiatrists are at the retirement stage. Almost all the psychiatrists are at the age of 55 years and will be retiring soon.  This creates a need for the new psychiatrists and that is why many students are choosing to be a psychiatrist in California.  The process of to become a psychiatrist in this state requires a fulfillment of education and training requirements.

San Francisco california

San Francisco california

The first thing to do is to get a bachelors degree in any medical course like biology or other course. In the undergraduate program, you shall do courses like physics, chemistry, neurology, biology and other courses. This gives you good foundation to get admission into a medical college.  Medical colleges in California are not easy to get into and you actually have to work hard in your undergraduate program to get admission in a reputed medical college in California.  You should have good grades in the medical courses so as to increase the chances of getting admission in the medical college in California.  You will also have to clear the MCAT and the interview. These things will determine your admission in a nice medical school in California and you will be able to get in only if you have performed well in these things.

Now once you get admission in a medical school in California, your pathway to become a psychiatrist starts. You will study the basic medical courses and will get a medicine degree from the medical college. The study in the medical college is tough and requires a lot of hard work and dedication from your side.  You will be asked to study a lot in the 4 years of your medical college and you will be studying all those courses a normal doctor does. You will be learning the theories and lectures in the classrooms in the 2 years and then will be getting clinical practice. The clinical practice will help you understand how normal doctors see the patients.

Then you have to get into the residency program of 4 years and practice as trainee psychiatrist. In the residency program you will get to cure the patients directly under the supervision of doctors. The residency program helps you in understanding the field of psychiatry in the best way possible as you get to cure the patients and diagnose them to the fullest. You get to experience new things during the residency program and all of these things add up to your skills. There are many health centers in California where you can opt for the residency training. You can choose the subspecialty in the residency program by selecting a subspecialty of psychiatry of your choice.  After this, you shall give the exam of the state to earn the license and start practicing as a psychiatrist.

This is how you becoming a psychiatrist in California and once you become a psychiatrist, you have to give a lot of time to the job.After completing the education to start your practice  medical license is the primary thing you need.Residency programs and training is the second most important thing. It’s not quite difficult to register  in California. By following some simple steps and providing some document to the medical board you can get it.

Following are the Universities and colleges offering psychiatry,psychology education and residency programs in California.

California School of Professional – Psychology

University of California Sansfrancsco – Department of psychiatry 

University of California San Diego