How to Become a Psychiatrist in Alabama

Are you keen to know what causes mental health problems? Do you want to cure people of such conditions? If yes, the job of a psychiatrist is best for you!

In order to become a psychiatrist, not only sound education is needed but proper licenses are also required which may vary from state to state. A psychiatrist is a person who has mastered the skills of psychiatry which refers to treating mental disorders. Once high school is over, it takes a good 12 years to finally practice psychiatry. It is normal for you to wonder as to where would you spend these 12 years. You will be required to attend university, health care school and residency only after which you will be certified as a psychiatrist. Becoming a psychiatrist in Alabama is a complex procedure just like it is everywhere else in the world.

Alabama Education Psychiatrist

Alabama Education Psychiatrist

If you are willing to become a child psychiatrist the first step you should take is obtain a relevant Bachelors’ Degree from an accredited institution. You can also enroll in some undergraduate courses on psychology which will prove to be of great help to you later in the field. After you have completed your undergraduate studies, the best thing to do is to apply for a Doctor of Medicine (M.D) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. This will then be your degree in medicine. Here your classes will cover everything from pharmacology to medical laws which will then help you when you go on to your residency.

Once you have earned your medical degree, it is then time for you to join a residency. This will be your time to join a hospital or clinic. Residency may involve a good number of years and is also facilitated by most colleges. Here you will be taught everything regarding medicine from gynecology to operations, however the main focus will still be on psychiatry. The residency will last for as long as four years and include both learning and practical applications of what you learn. You may also be asked to treat a number of conditions under supervision. Common cases that you may attend to include depression, substance abuse, psychosis, anxiety and developmental disabilities.

Now that you would have completed your education and practice both, you will then have to apply for a license. Your state’s medical board is responsible for issuing a license which will enable you to practice psychiatry in all states. The licensing requirements vary from state to state but as per the standard you may have to clear an exam that shows your knowledge in the subject.

When you have the license the next thing and also the final step is to obtain become board certified. Becoming a psychiatrist in Alabama means you will have to find the respective board who will certify you. The certification will then demonstrate your competence and is also an excellent document to improve your employment opportunities. Your board may provide you a general certification or a specialized one depending on the areas you specify. The board certification is usually valid for a period of ten years after which a renewal is mandatory. In order to renew your certification it is important that you have good credentials and have remained an active practitioner in the field of psychiatry. If you have not practiced in a while, renewing your license might be a difficult.

After completing the education to start your practice  medical license is the primary thing you need.Residency programs and training is the second most important thing. It’s not quite difficult to get a medical license in Alabama . By following some simple steps and providing some document to the medical board you can get it.

Following are the Universities and colleges offering psychiatry,psychology education and residency programs in Alabama .


University of South Alabama – Psychiatry education programs

University of Alabma – Department of psychaitry

University of south Alabama- Department of psychology