How Many Hours Do Psychiatrist Work

Becoming a psychiatrist is not an easy task and once you become a psychiatrist, it requires a lot of hard work to stay in the profession and serve people. To become a psychiatrist, you have to have 12 years of education after you are done with high school. The first thing you shall do is to get a bachelors degree. In the bachelor’s degree program, make sure you take courses like math, chemistry, and physics to have a better chance of getting into a medical school.   To get into a medical school is also a tough task and will require you to have better grades and a better interview.  If you have a good score in MCAT, then it will increase your chances of getting into a reputed medical school.

Once you get into a medical school, you will spend four years there doing the basic medicine courses and get M.D degree.  The initial years will require you to sit in classes and learn the basics, the final 2 years will require you to get clinical training under the supervision of senior doctors. You will be required to choose your psychiatry majors in the last year.  The final step will be a four-year residency program that will have to be carried out by you so that you get the necessary training required to be a certified psychiatrist.

This is how you become a psychiatrist and it is undoubtedly a tough thing to do. Now life gets tougher as the psychiatrist work hours can sometimes bother you. A psychiatrist can work up to 48 hours per week or may be more than that. It usually depends that where you are actually practicing.  If you are practicing in a clinic or a health center, then you will have fixed timing for your shift. However, you can be called to work on weekends as well. The job of a psychiatrist requires a lot of professionalism and dedication as you never know when you can be called to attend a client. Moreover, you will have to sacrifice your leisure hours, as well because it is a medical profession and here serving your patients is much more important than anything else is.

You will have to professional and punctual towards your job as this job requires you to do so. You will have to friendly enough to break ice with your clients so that are able to tell you clearly about the issue they are facing. The more communication you have with your client, the better you will be able to understand his condition and will be able to prescribe medicines accordingly.  The job outlook of a psychiatrist is exactly like the one mentioned above. The hard work it takes to become a psychiatrist is less than the hard work it takes to be a successful psychiatrist. By the time you get ample amount of experience, you can open your own clinic and practice. Then you can have flexible timings for yourself as you will be having your own clinic.

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