Difference between Medical Assistant and Psychiatrist Salary

In the field of medicine, different medical professionals take home different salary packages because the nature of work varies from one specialty to another. The difference between medical assistant and psychiartist salary depends with the level of education attained by the professional among other factors. For instance, the location where the professional works from and the size of the hospital or medical center he or she works in also determines the net salary. In essence, working in a big hospital definitely means more salary. With that in mind, the following includes the average salaries of both the medical assistant as well as the psychiatrist.


Salary of Psychiatrist

Medical Assistant Salary

To begin with, prospective medical assistants need to know that they will work in different areas within a hospital or medical center. The available options include working in the front office, back office, engaging in private practice, working in a clinical setting, and being on a floating position, which simply means working temporarily and providing services on call. An assistant working in the front office nets a basic salary of 12 to 15 US dollars hourly at the entry level. The duties expected of such an assistant includes handling phone calls, relaying vital information to the appropriate departments, and representing the business professionally to the public.

Working in the back office, the medical assistant nets a basic salary of between 14.00 to 18.00 US dollars every hour as the starting salary and his or her roles depends on the immediate needs of the medical center. If the assistant decides to work privately, he or she earns a basic salary of 17 to 18.50 US dollars an hour and he or she may assume roles such as training new staff on hospital’s operations. Those who work in a clinic setting earn a basic entry salary of between 10 and 15 US dollars an hour while those who opt to practice working in a floating position earn a basic entry salary of 16 to 20 US dollars hourly.

Psychiatrist Salary

On average, psychiatrists earn an entry basic salary of about 163,660 US dollars annually. Breaking it down, those who wish to look for employment in offices belonging to physicians will earn a basic salary of about 154,650 US dollars annually. Moreover, therapists who find employment in care centers providing outpatient care services make a basic salary of about 190,340 US dollars annually. The roles may vary a little but the work of psychiatrists includes listening to patients and helping them with emotional and other psychological problems. Therefore, the salary of a therapist depends highly on where the therapist finds employment.

Conclusive Remarks

Whether a person decides to do psychiatry or work as a medical assistant, he or she should know that the basic salary depends on several factors. Working in an established care center offers the benefit of a bigger entry salary as well as possible promotions as the level of experience and skills goes higher. Make the right decision today and make your contribution towards the better good of all humanity.

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