Common Duties Mentioned In Psychiatrist Job Description

Psychiatrists are referred to as basic caregivers in the field of medical. They analyze and cure mental illnesses by making a use of hospitalization, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and medication. Psychotherapy requires the psychiatrists to have discussions with the patients about the problems they face and help them find the ways to sort out their behavioral issues.

Psychoanalysis includes long-term counseling and psychotherapy of the patients. In certain cases, medicines are given to correct the all the chemical imbalances in the patients that cause behavioral issues.  Psychiatrists might also make use of ECT to those patients who cannot take medicines.



A psychiatrist works as an entire team like a nurse, a psychologist and other members to give a perfect counseling to the patients.  Psychiatrists are more like general doctors who have a very important role in the society. They analyze and cure mental issues and prescribe medicines accordingly. A typical psychiatrist job description has the following duties:

  • Evaluate and analyze the patient’s data and diagnose the extent and the nature of the mental issue.
  • Prescribe and administer medications or treatments to cure behavioral and emotional issues.
  • Consult with doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to discuss the plans of treatment for the patient.
  • Gather the information of the patients and keeping it maintained. The information includes medical history, name and other information.
  • Make personalized care plans by making a use of several treatments.
  • Evaluate and review the procedures of treatments and inform the relatives of the patients.
  • Serve the patients with full dedication and commitment.

The working conditions of a psychiatrist are typically pleasant and the work environment is indoors. The working hours are more than 6 hours per week in the busy practices. This can results in being awake all nights or coming at odd times to serve the patients. Psychiatrists have a risk of dealing with aggressive or violent patients.

Qualifications and training of a psychiatrist includes 4 years of bachelors program, 4 years of medical degree and 4 years of residency program. A total of 12 years of education is required to become a psychiatrist. A clearance in the state exam is also necessary to be able to get a license. The license lets a psychiatrist start practicing as a psychiatrist.

The salary of psychiatrists is almost $170,000 a year and can increase as well depending on the amount of experience gained.  As soon the experience increases, the earnings also increase. The psychiatrists can work in hospitals, clinics, heath centers and schools. They can also specialize in the subspecialties like child psychiatry or addiction psychiatry. Due to the increase in the demand of psychiatrists in the USA, the prospective psychiatrists have a better future in this field as the existing psychiatrists are about to retire. Determination and motivation are the key factors in becoming a successful psychiatrist. All you need is strong motivation towards becoming a psychiatrist and having all it takes to become a psychiatrist.