Best Schools To Become A Psychiatrist

Medical students can specialize in the field of psychiatry by taking part in the residency programs that are offered by many psychiatry schools in the United States.  After the residency program, many schools even provide additional training by providing fellowship programs.  There are several best schools in the in the USA to become a psychiatrist.

Medical Education Programs

Medical Education Programs

Johns Hopkins University

The first best school in the list of schools for psychiatrists is Johns Hopkins University.  In the year 1908, the first ever psychiatric training institute was opened in the USA by the name of Henry Phipps clinic of Psychiatry.  Johns Hopkins had been ranked as the number one psychiatric hospital  in the year 2012 and was the best college in the year 2011.  The school provides the students with a choice of residency training in child psychiatry or general psychiatry.

Students gain great skills by being able to diagnose patients in different settings under the supervised training also studying different subjects of psychiatry.  Fellowship in subspecialties like anxiety disorders, geriatric psychiatry and behavioral sleep are also available.

University of Michigan

University of Michigan is amongst the top universities in the USA and ranks 4th in the state. The psychiatry department of the university provides the students with training programs and residency programs in various fields of psychiatry.  Along with general psychiatry, residency programs are offered in addiction psychiatry, child psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry and other areas of psychiatry.

A training program relating substance abuse and electro conclusive therapy are also provided by the university. The classrooms and the clinics are in the Rachel Upjohn Building that got opened in the year 2006.

University of Pennsylvania

The university of Pennsylvania is said to have the best psychiatric hospitals in the USA. All those students who want to opt for psychiatry at this university can opt for a 4 year residency with additional specializations like psychotherapy and psychology.

Students also get a chance to participate in the seminars, clinical rotations and case conferences. This way get skills in the cognitive and behavioral psychotherapy. The school also ranks high according to the National Institute of Health.

These 3 universities are the top universities in the USA to opt for psychiatry. However, there are other schools as well, like Boston University that is located in Boston. In this university the fellowship programs are offered in the subspecialties like addiction and psychosomatic medicine.

The other excellent university is Duke University that is located in Durham, NC.  In this university, there are around twelve psychiatric groups for research administered by the scientists. This school is even amongst the top schools in the United States for psychiatry.

Stanford University is also amongst the top schools for psychiatry. It is located in Stanford, CA. The distinction of the university is that it offers Grand Rounds certification for all the psychiatry students in the school.

Studying to become a psychiatrist is not an easy task as all the mentioned schools for psychiatrists demand great scores in the undergraduate program and the MCAT. Grades in your undergraduate courses shall be strong enough to get you admission in the medical schools.

Following are the Universities offering psychiatry,psychology Education and residency programs in United States of America.


University of South Alabama – Psychiatry education programs

University of Alabma – Department of psychaitry

University of south Alabama- Department of psychology 


University of Alaska Anchorage


Department of Psychiatry – University of Arizona


University of Akransas  Medical Sciences

University of akransas little rock – Psychology


California School of Professional – Psychology

University of California Sansfrancsco – Department of psychiatry 

University of California San Diego 


University of Colorado 


University of Connecticut health center – department of psychiatry

Connecticut mental health center -Yale school of medicine

educational psychology – University of Connecticut


Department of psychology–university of Delaware

Delaware state university–department of psychology


University of Florida – Department of psychiatry

Stetson university 


 Psychiatry at Emory University

Psychiatry and health behavior Georgia regents University 

Mercer school of medicine psychiatry

Psychiatry and behavioral sciences residency program –more house school of medicine


College of education– Idaho state University 


Psychiatry jabsom department 


Chicago school of professional psychology 

Department of psychiatry–SIU school of medicine 

Department of psychiatry – University of Illinois

Department of psychology —northern Illinois university

University of Chicago medicine


Department of psychiatry Indiana University 

School of psychology–Indiana University

Indiana university -Purdue university indianpolis –psychology


University of Iowa carver college of medicine –psychiatry


Department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences. University of kansas medical center 

Depatrmtment of psychiatry medical education– univesity of Missouri Kansas city


University of Kentucky Departmnet of psychiatry

Department of Psychology –Western Kentucky university

University  of Louisville School of medicine


Psychiatry school of medicine—lsu new health Orleans

Tulane university – school of medicine –psychiatry


The University of Maine –psychology graduate programs


Department of psychiatry university of Maryland school of medcine

Departmnet of psychiatry -University of Maryland Medical center


Department of psychiatry University of Massachusetts medical center

Boston University Medical Campus 

Tufts University

Department Of Psychiatry – Harvard Medical School – Education 


University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry

The Michigan School of Professional Psychology 

Department of Psychiatry | Michigan State University

WMed – Western Michigan University School of Medic

School of Medicine – Wayne State University


Psychiatry Department, University of Minnesota


Psychiatry & Human Behavior Home – University of Mississippi .

The University of Mississippi Department of Psychology

Counseling & Educational Psychology – Mississippi State Universit

Jackson State University | Department of Psychology |


Psychiatry | University of Missouri School of Medicine

The Department of Psychiatry : UMKC School of Medicine

Department of Neurology and Psychiatry – Saint Louis University

Current Residents – University of Kansas Medical Center


Psychology Department – The University of Montana


Psychiatry Residency :: Creighton University and UNMC 

Psychology | University of Nebraska–Lincoln


Psychiatry – University of Nevada School of Medicine

University of Nevada, Reno – Department of Psychology

New Hampshire

Department of Psychiatry – Dartmouth Medical School

Clinical Psychology – Antioch University New England

New Jersey

Department of Psychiatry – Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

Psychiatry Residency – Seton Hall University

Psychiatry Residency | Cooper Medical Education 

 New Mexico

 The University of New Mexico

New York

Home | Psychiatry | NYU Langone Medical Center | New York, NY

Department of Psychiatry – Icahn School of Medicine at Mount 

SUNY Downstate Medical Center – Department of Psychiatry

Department of Psychiatry – Columbia University Medical Center

Department of Psychiatry – School of Medicine and Biomedical .

Psychiatry – University of Rochester Medical Center

North Carolina

UNC Psychiatry — Psychiatry – UNC School of Medicine

PSYCHOLOGY – North Carolina State University

About the Residency Program – East Carolina University

Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine – Wake Forest Baptist Me

Duke Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

North Dakota

Clinical Neuroscience | School of Medicine & Health Sciences


School Psychology – Education & Human Ecology – The Ohio

Psychiatry – WSU School of Medicine – Wright State University

The University of Toledo


Department of Psychology – University of Oklahoma

Psychology – University of Central Oklahoma

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center > Home


OHSU Psychiatry | Department of Psychiatry at OHSU | OHSU

Psychiatry – UHC Website > Directory – University of Oregon


Department of Psychiatry | Perelman School of Medicine 

School Psychology — College of Education – the Penn State

Temple Psychiatry and Behavioral Science Residency Program

Home | Dpartment Of Psychiatry | University of Pittsburgh

Rhode Island

School Psychology – University of Rhode Island

Psychiatry and Human Behavior – Brown University

 South Carolina

Department of Psychology | University of South Caroli

Clinical Neuroscience Division – Medical University of South Carolina

 South Dakota

School Psychology Degree Program – USD


UTK School Psychology Program – The University of Tennessee .

Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences – East Tennessee State University


Department of Psychiatry – The University of Texas Health Scien

Department of Psychiatry – UT Southwestern Medical School

Department of Psychiatry – Texas Tech University Health Scienc

Psychiatry and Behavioral Science- College of Medicine Taxas 

College of Education- School Psychology.  


Department of Psychiatry – University of Utah – School of Medicine


Department of Psychology : University of Vermont

Hanover Psychiatry – Dartmouth Medical School 


Department of Psychiatry – VCU School of Medicine

Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences — School of Medicine 

Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences – Eastern Virginia Medical School

Behavioral Medicine and Psychology | School of Medicine | WV

Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine | VTC Home Page | Virginia


Overview – College of Education – University of Washington

Psychiatry | Washington University

Department of Psychology – Central Washington University

West Virginia

Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine – Wake Forest Baptist Med

School of Medicine | WVU Health Sciences Center


University of Wisconsin Department of Psychiatry

Wisconsin School of Professional Psychology: WSPP | ΨWSPP

Medical College of Wisconsin Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicin

UW-Milwaukee: Psychology – Homepage


Department of Psychology – University of Wyoming

Baylor College of Medicine Houston, Texas