A Path Way Towards Psychiatrist Career

A psychiatry field is one of the toughest fields to choose and study. The pathway towards psychiatrist career is not only long but tough as well. You will have to spend a lot of time studying and training. The path to become a psychiatrist has a lot of hurdles as well like time to study, requirements of medical college and much more.  In America, many people are opting to become psychiatrists and thus the field has become very competitive.

Psychiatrist Career

Psychiatrist Career

It all begins with your bachelor’s degree. You will need a bachelor’s degree to get admission into a medical college in any state of America. It is preferable to take medical courses in the undergraduate school as these courses are necessary for the medical college and good grades are even very necessary.  MCAT is also necessary, as it will be a gate pass to the medical school. A good score in MCAT will increase your chances to get admission in the best colleges in America. Once you are in a medical college, you will have to earn a M.D degree. The medicine degree will give you a complete understanding of how doctors treat their patients. You will learn all the courses for medicine degree like neurology, psychology, anatomy and other courses.  You will be getting the clinical training as well that will help you in getting the basic understanding of how doctors work. You need to be able to behave like a general physician as well.

Secondly, you have to start a residency program in the America in the field of psychiatry. The program will be of 4 years and those 4 years will let you learn psychiatry practically by going to hospitals and clinics and seeing the patients and understanding their mental health conditions and then curing them. This is a great way to learn as you get to see the patients with disorders and you get to apply these concepts in real. You can consult your senior doctors before mentioning any treatment to the patients.

After the residency program, you need to give the license exam so that you can start practicing as a psychiatrist.  You can start finding jobs then once you have the license to practice as a psychiatrist. You can find jobs in clinics, hospitals health centers and other places.

The salary of a psychiatrist is usually high as curing mental patients is a tough job and requires patience and punctuality.  The job of a psychiatrist requires you to work very hard as it is not an easy task to do. The employers will call you late night as well to serve the patients. When you become a psychiatrist, serving patients will be your first priority.  You will have to sacrifice your social time to serve the patients.  The annual salary of a psychiatrist on average is usually up to a maximum of $200,000. The salary increases with your experience. As your experience increases, your salary also increases.